Generation Why Not is a boot camp for impact-driven volunteering. The place is here, the time is now.


Our boot camp provides what we call ‘survival kit’, for getting a meaningful and best possible experience out in the field. Through innovative and collaborative workshops, we build up the core skills allowing efficiency and clarity on goals, helping you thrive at your volunteering challenge.
Our learning areas’ kit is based on needs and demand for a more strategic approach to preparation for a volunteering assignment and desire to understand what makes a positive social impact.
At our boot camp you learn how to plan your impact, how to design social impact strategy and how to awaken the authentic entrepreneur in you.


After the training camp, you are ready to skydive! In this stage, you match your interests with a social enterprise project around the world and you are ready for your volunteering mission! You take time off for the most powerful, life-changing experience there is – finding yourself through helping others,
in an unknown setting!
Adventure time! You select where, when and for how long you want to be an impact-driven volunteer. This is when you become an Ambassador of Generation Why Not. And start living the life of ‘Why Not’.


You join our network of professionals and volunteers adding value to the global family of agents of social change. By becoming an impact-driven volunteer, you set the stage for leading the path towards social change and helping us spread the mission and vision of guardians of social causes.
You inspire others by sharing your story and further growing the support for the social business revolution. You co-create with us a powerful network of impact-driven individuals and communities, transforming the society into a purpose-oriented world with a social cause in mind and heart.


Whether you come as an individual or group of friends, impact driven volunteering provides a unique learning and engagement experience.
The best gift you can give to yourself is to try things you wouldn’t normally do – things that include freedom, creativity and connecting with new people and cultures. Our impact-driven volunteering programs are always available to you, and offer you a strategic choice for empowering yourself in the direction of the new world – where caring about others and what they do is not just an observation
but a choice and desire.


Impact-driven volunteering touches all levels of the society. It also transforms Corporate Social Responsibility programs by inspiring and empowering organizations to help their communities by active engagement and clarity
on impact of their contribution.
Impact-driven community service is a unique opportunity for organizations to get on-board of CSR programs that matter. We welcome corporate members into our family of social change-makers. Generation Why Not proudly offers the lead in transforming the CSR sector with our approach.


Our passion is in the social causes, our power is in the volunteering. Let’s work to grow them together – are you in? Check-out our boot camp trainings and get involved. Check-out our volunteering missions and get involved. Our programs are available throughout the year. When is the last time you did time you did something for the first time?


Who We Are

Generation Why Not is a non-profit organization with a purpose of facilitating impact-driven volunteerism by building people’s skills and providing them with a working experience in a social business. Our passion is to develop skills and literacy in understanding how impact is planned and carried out and then put what’s learned to the test in a volunteering mission. We are about that one, intense, life-changing experience, through which we get to know ourselves and various ways of how we can contribute to the community of social change-makers. Our impact-driven volunteers learn, travel, explore and ultimately immerse themselves to live the full cycle of impact. Impact-driven volunteering is our means of transforming the society towards a more equal, inclusive and eco-responsible world.

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    Somewhere out there, there are people who are already involved in changing our world for the better. They are doing their best to build and rebuild communities and create positive social impact, for all of us. Meet them. Get to know them.

    Here at Warm Heart, we are dedicated to finding relevant solutions to support and enable local communities in becoming socially and economically sustainable. Through a cooperative effort we are addressing family care, education, microenterprise, environmental concerns, and health care for the elderly and needy. Together with our volunteers, we try to put an end to the cycle of poverty by empowering a child, a village, a community. With us, you can work in Children’s Home, learn ways how to restore land and use more sustainable agriculture methods, support local weavers into entering the global market, or contribute to the local public health initiatives.

    DR. D. Michael Shafer

    President of Warm Heart Thailand
    Breede Valley APD builds and facilitates programs for social inclusion, capacity building and employment of persons with disabilities. Our services include vocational plans, independent living plans, community based rehabilitation, special day-care centre for children, developing full working potential, as well as contributing to entrepreneurial activities. Here, you can learn how to create programs to more effectively include marginalized people back into the community, so they can live with dignity and be productive members of the society. We strive to empower the disempowered, because each person counts and each can contribute to the growth of a wider community.

    Deonie Basson

    Marketing Director of APD Breede Valley,
    South Africa
    Our Fairhills Fairtrade Project combines wine production with community development. A volunteer interested in our social business will be able to see how a vineyard was able to also transform lives of people by providing them with life-changing benefits. A wider social impact includes access to the computer centre for skills training, day-care facilities for the employees' children, support of entrepreneurial initiatives in crafts making and coffee production, adult literacy program, a mobile medical unit to visit local farms and schools and some others are in the pipeline. As a successful project, our idea further scaled in farms in Argentina and Chile.

    Tienie Smith

    Project Coordinator of Fairhills
    Fairtrade Project,South Africa


    We are proud to be a part of the family that cares about mobilizing the society for the right causes. What we have in common is people growth and development and engagement in initiatives and projects that make a long-lasting difference.


    Are you inspired and interested in volunteering in a social project? Would you like to learn more about social enterprise and how they plan and grow their impact? Do you love traveling and meeting new people and cultures? Would you like to pack now and go?