Generation Why Not, Volunteer, Brussels, Volta

Generation Why Not
is a place where volunteering
meets social impact.

Inspired to see how a fair-trade vineyard in South Africa
grows literacy? Want to understand how textile
microenterprise is empowering women?
Or how the blind are running their start-ups? Or how biochar is
contributing to agricultural sustainability in rural Thailand?
Or how a whole village in China turned ceramic center to support
small pottery makers? Or how to re-integrate
young delinquents into the society in Congo? Want to help find
most impactful measures to engage Roma society in Eastern Europe?
And what are the challenges of these and similar projects?

We are Generation Why Not, connecting volunteers with social enterprise projects around the world. Welcome.

We have a great desire for impact, personal growth and community of social change-makers.

We believe in the purpose economy, led by social
enterprises who work towards developing and
supporting wider communities, empowering diverse
layers of society and contributing to overall wealth
and health of our planet.

We build skills for generating and
measuring social impact,
provide programs to test it on the field and grow
the network of knowledge and experience in social projects.

We call it strategic volunteering – a concept where
volunteering meets social impact.
Get the right skills, go explore the causes, return and
feel bigger, make your own impact.

We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.

(Lincoln was right!)

We create the future by providing people
with the skills in how to
set up and measure social impact
and to test it

in real life – through a volunteers’ trip to a
selected social business project.

If you want to create an impact while
helping in a social enterprise project around the world and share our passion for social entrepreneurship,
let’s make things happen!