Generation Why Not Group is a unique community and leadership development hub operating through Cooperativa Kreativa and AuthentiCore21.


At the core of human dynamics is communication. We believe communication is art! Did you start with why yet? What are you bringing to the world? What is your story? We help you inspire others by shaping and sharing your story and further growing the support for your type of a revolution. We co-create with you a powerful network of impact-driven individuals and communities. Action and communication together are the magical power behind any transformation of our society.


With our tools for assessment of individual and team values and emotional intelligence, we get key parameters for practicing authenticity and meaningful change at all levels. We find out what gives people meaning and why, what type of job makes them sing, why would they stay and why would they go. In growing authentic leadership we put emphasis on trust-building. And trust goes way beyond job titles and occasional team retreats.


Have a cause? Care for something, someone? Creating a community and reaching out to make an influence with that community is what it’s all about. Would love a Network? Our strategies involve relationship building on all levels, clear map of stakeholders and their needs and proper communication channels added to them. We guide people and organizations in setting the community treasure map and spreading the power of community in a sustainable way.


We are all more powerful when we empower each other. We constantly discover the talents and potential of people and invite them to offer their gifts to the wider audience. We support personal growth and development by a variety of tools for getting to know yourself better, aligning with your purpose and choosing the adequate types of jobs for yourself. Our type of empowering starts with the question ‘why not’.


The new paradigm is that we can do better. We can be better. We help organizations tap into the options for being better and acting better – by recognizing people’s strengths and allowing more space for individual and team creativity and innovation. We create transformational leadership programs that support humans who want to be part of the new paradigm - purpose-oriented economy.


One of our big passion is social causes and volunteering. Let’s work to grow them together – are you in? Check-out our boot camp trainings and get involved. Check-out our volunteering missions and get involved. Our programs are available throughout the year. When is the last time you did time you did something for the first time?


Since 2013, these events are centered around exploring stories that involve times of

intensive decision making and problem solving. The stories are mirroring how the main

‘actors’ faced challenges in search of more personal fulfillment and meaning. The events also

aim at activating the human connection and opening up to vulnerability and empathy. Our

speakers are courageous storytellers that don’t shy away from sharing their internal

journey. IEMPOWER method is essential in our understanding of authentic leadership.

Our community consists of people who believe that transformational leadership is about

less resistance and more growth.

IEMPOWER Belgium is ready to rock with the GWN team and Chapter Manager -
Andy Whittle.

IEMPOWER Conferences in March, May, June , September , October, November , January and February were a big success, and the next one lands in April 2018. In the meanwhile, meet the IEMPOWER master class, Jose, Radmila and Andy!


Who We Are

Generation Why Not Group developed a unique place for personal and organisational growth and development. Cooperativa Kreativa part is a non-profit initiative for network development, community building and support to individuals and informal groups. AuthentiCore21 is a consultancy for authentic and transformational leadership through Emotional Intelligence. Our company is comprised of trainers and coaches whose goal is collective growth into a more mindful and compassionate society.

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    Somewhere out there, there are people who are already involved in changing our world for the better. They are doing their best to build and rebuild communities and create positive social impact, for all of us. Meet them. Get to know them.

    Here at Warm Heart, we are dedicated to finding relevant solutions to support and enable local communities in becoming socially and economically sustainable. Through a cooperative effort we are addressing family care, education, microenterprise, environmental concerns, and health care for the elderly and needy. Together with our volunteers, we try to put an end to the cycle of poverty by empowering a child, a village, a community. With us, you can work in Children’s Home, learn ways how to restore land and use more sustainable agriculture methods, support local weavers into entering the global market, or contribute to the local public health initiatives.

    DR. D. Michael Shafer

    President of Warm Heart Thailand
    Breede Valley APD builds and facilitates programs for social inclusion, capacity building and employment of persons with disabilities. Our services include vocational plans, independent living plans, community based rehabilitation, special day-care centre for children, developing full working potential, as well as contributing to entrepreneurial activities. Here, you can learn how to create programs to more effectively include marginalized people back into the community, so they can live with dignity and be productive members of the society. We strive to empower the disempowered, because each person counts and each can contribute to the growth of a wider community.

    Deonie Basson

    Marketing Director of APD Breede Valley,
    South Africa
    Our Fairhills Fairtrade Project combines wine production with community development. A volunteer interested in our social business will be able to see how a vineyard was able to also transform lives of people by providing them with life-changing benefits. A wider social impact includes access to the computer centre for skills training, day-care facilities for the employees' children, support of entrepreneurial initiatives in crafts making and coffee production, adult literacy program, a mobile medical unit to visit local farms and schools and some others are in the pipeline. As a successful project, our idea further scaled in farms in Argentina and Chile.

    Tienie Smith

    Project Coordinator of Fairhills
    Fairtrade Project,South Africa


    We are proud to be a part of the family that cares about mobilizing the society for the right causes. What we have in common is people growth and development and engagement in initiatives and projects that make a long-lasting difference.


    Are you inspired and interested in volunteering in a social project? Would you like to learn more about social enterprise and how they plan and grow their impact? Do you love traveling and meeting new people and cultures? Would you like to pack now and go?