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What We Do

Discover how can we help you communicate your values.

Strategic Communications

Creating a cohesive and consistent narrative aligned with your mission and stakeholders' expectations. Devising strategies for capacity building in internal and external communications.

Customer Relationship

Building meaningful relationships with the stakeholders, media and target audience. Designing  strategies for community building. and representing your values with competency and trust.

Creative Content

Crafting messages that connect with the target audience and foster engagement  Planning content social media management with top-level copywriting, design and video production.

Events & Experiences

Creating  and managing memorable and impactful events that boost your organizational value and presence. We enjoy making magic happen, one event at the time.

What We Do +

Discover how we can help you build a healthy foundation based on skills and data.

Capacity Buidling

Creating learning programs to enhance the skills, knowledge, resources, and capabilities of individuals, organizations, or communities to achieve their communication goals.

Research & Monitoring

Creating assessment and inquiry formats to generate new knowledge, understanding, and insights into a particular topic or issues relevant for organizational communication.

Our Story

We are Generation Why Not, a strategic communication services agency based in Brussels, Belgium. We kicked off in 2016 by providing support to social impact projects that involved international volunteers. We supported diverse projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America with our communication and marketing strategies, and capacity building trainings. We designed and organized fifteen IEMPOWER conferences, each with three speakers, on the themes of authentic leadership, personal and professional change, entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation. From 2019 we are a consulting partner for a number of EU funded projects. Our team of experts is passionate about creating meaningful connections between organizations and their audiences.  Our mission is to provide  efficient, consistent and creative support in communication concepts that amplify organizational impact. With our core values - quality, creativity and innovation, we are happy to meet your requests. 
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Communicate or Die?

This is a title of a book by Thomas D. Zweigel, for all the right reasons. There is a big difference between ordinary communication and masterful communication.
Here we give you top three ingredients of it. 


Every word you put out sends a message.  Words carries meaning. Meaning creates feeling. Be mindful about what your messages are focused on.


Less is more. Trim, trim, trim. Clear means direct and efficient. Clear communication is what drives decisions. 


Communication is a playful activity. Unleashing creative juices creates not only competitive advantage but a legacy of your organization.

latest news

How well do you communicate?
Here's what our research says

We carried out a research on effectiveness of external communications in local youth organizations across Europe! Send us an email to get the full report.
The project CET: Communicate - Engage - Transform is co-funded by the European Union. 
CET Research Report

More about the CET research project

The study focused on a particular aspect of the respondents' communication abilities: external communication. This analysis allowed us to gauge stakeholders' awareness levels, their preferences and requirements, as well as any deficiencies in their external communication skills. We also assessed the strengths and weaknesses in their ability to effectively communicate externally and deliver messages to stakeholders. Besides these topics, we examined the communication tools and protocols currently used by youth organizations, identifying areas for staff members' learning and training opportunities in communication.

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This research was conducted in the framework of the project CET – Communicate – Engage – Transform implemented by a Consortium of four organizations from 3 countries: Generation Why Not (Belgium – as the leading organization), Movelt (Greece), BUM (Serbia) and CONNECT International (Belgium – as an ENGO). 

good practices in local youth work


Here is one compelling story we created from the interviews with professionals from the youth work field work across Europe. Take a look and get inspired. We help people communicate their values and raise visibility of their projects' work and results. 
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Our project partners

We grow partnerships with social change organizations from NGO, private and public sector.

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